What’s The Scoop On Aromatherapy Safety?

by | Jan 12, 2023 | Uncategorized

Are you an avid consumer of Essential Oils, or do you know someone in your friendship circle who is? Your answer will be more than likely a “yes.”

Second question: have you ever taken a seminar or workshop that discussed any of the Essential Oils safety issues in detail? That answer will probably be an echoing “No”!

Year to date, there are millions, yes, millions of people using Essential Oils either for themselves, families, or their distributors, which means they are buying and reselling to customers like you. What’s incredibly alarming is that most of these “sellers” never had any training on handling Essential Oils in a safe and proper way. This can create a huge problem!

Since “Natural Medicine” is often quite effective, many consumers opt to go back to the basics regarding their health and choose a more holistic approach. However, when selecting Aromatherapy, one must proceed with great caution since Essential Oils are highly potent. Unfortunately, these aspects of Essential Oils are often ignored, primarily for lack of knowledge. It is of the utmost importance to understand dilution ratios and which application methods are best for use.

Sticking to inhalation, diffusion, and topical application methods is a wise choice. Another vital aspect of dealing with these potent drops is remembering the age group, pregnancy, whether a person has sensitivity issues, or if pets are involved. The term “less is more” should definitely be considered by everyone handling Aromatherapy!

If this blog has sparked your interest, stay tuned for additional information.
Whether you are a single consumer, a layperson, or an MLM distributor, you will feel empowered, knowledgeable, and ready to share with others what you learned during this detailed and exclusive webinar!

Always remember safety first!


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