Can Pets Have Stuck Emotions From Trauma?

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Do pets have emotions? You bet they do!

Have you ever visited a shelter and noticed a dog quietly hovering in the corner of a cage, shaking uncontrollably from multiple fears? I sure have! Most of these animals have endured some form of untold trauma which unfortunately isn’t uncommon and is quite widespread. Animal abuse and abandonment are a huge concern, primarily in cats and dogs. Large percentages of cats that were once precious Christmas gifts are now roaming the streets trying to find shelter and food since the owner got tired of caring for them and literally kicked them to the curb.

Some animals are beaten and kept in cages or chains and end up living like prisoners in people’s homes, garages, and perhaps backyards. All of these traumatic experiences are caused of deep-seated fear from stuck emotions and horrific memories. Sadly countless animals are born as ‘strays’ and have to fend for themselves; others lost their moms or siblings while trying to survive this dangerous world. Unfortunately, there are countless scenarios where our pets suffer severe trauma. Typically, even after adoption, the internal agony of dread is still acutely embedded, regardless of the new owners loving attempts to care for their new companion in the most compassionate and attentive way.
This brings us to the question: Is there a solution to help our beloved furry friends so they can live a life of peace and harmony? And the answer is: ‘Yes, absolutely!’

Having worked for years with adults and children who had stuck emotions from past distress and anguish, I also learned that finding and releasing trauma in animals works precisely the same. It is remarkable how “Energy releasing techniques” can positively affect our four-legged friends.
Let me share one of my success stories with the cutest dog named Penny. And this is what her owner had to say:

“Acting very withdrawn and peculiar was unusually strange, mainly since Penny used to be the biggest cuddle bug and my shadow. Penny stopped enjoying her normal activities. She had a hard time letting loose and being her goofy fun self when I would try to play with her. In addition, her demeanor towards other dogs had changed to the point where she was more reactive and fearful than her usual respectful self.

Following her first session with Angela, I could see some improvements and felt a softening and increased affection towards me. However, after the second session, Penny became the dog I knew she was!
After finding and releasing what triggered the past trauma (when she was only a few months old), Penny suddenly started playing fetch with me again. She was hopping around and kicking her legs in the air, being jolly and carefree. She smiled at me again, which she hadn’t done in a while. It warmed my heart to see her so happy and enjoying life again. Even the behavior around strange dogs became less fearful. I am so grateful to have my sweet, affectionate, fun-loving Penny back.” Malia, VA

This is just one of many testimonies. Not only are the animals happy and carefree after clearing the shock and trauma they once endured, but the owners are just as elated since their animals are calmer and settled down.

If you are interested in clearing your pet’s stuck emotions, simply go to the tab menu and click on ‘Book sessions’. Appointments for pets are offered either via phone or remotely.


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