Is it Possible I have PTSD?

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Nearly every time someone mentions PTSD, we immediately think of our brave men and women in the military. While many have gone through severe traumas, such as being soldiers in war, escaping explosions, or witnessing their comrades dying, PTSD runs rampant everywhere and is not just limited to those who served.

As a Certified Energy Medicine Practitioner, I am quite familiar with clients seeking to get “unstuck” to live a life of peace and harmony. Going through or witnessing trauma can linger for weeks, months, and years after the danger passes. Having an awareness of this widespread condition is quite eye-opening. What’s even more surprising is how many individuals have no comprehension that they have been suffering from PTSD, even though they’ve been through horrific shocks and reoccurring trauma.

Flashbacks of being raped, molested, or going through a daily cycle of physical, emotional, and mental abuse are part of some people’s existence. Perhaps having been through a house fire where everything you owned was lost can be included in this section. Also, living with a narcissistic spouse, friend, or relative (which will be addressed in another blog) and having no clue what you’re dealing with, especially if the abuser, keeps you in a state of worthlessness and self-doubt. Losing a parent, spouse, or child unexpectedly is a horrible trauma to endure and can potentially hold us hostage for years if we aren’t proactive. In addition, going through a miscarriage or a spouse suddenly deciding to end a marriage, even being rejected, especially by a parent … all of these examples are very likely devastating to the deepest core of our being. As you see, trauma lurks around many corners, and we never know when it will knock on our door.

Simply recognizing that you may be suffering from PTSD and attempting to let the painful memories go is the first step to recovery. Validating that you have been through trauma and not minimizing the situation is truly important. Every single person processes shock and trauma in various stages and ways. That being said, there is a solution for every problem, and help is certainly available.

Taking action is an integral start and the path of recovery. You may be interested in combining traditional and holistic medicine in your approach to restoration. As a certified Energy Medicine Practitioner and Holistic Practitioner, I offer people a gentle, easy, and natural way to support their body systems.

In conjunction, you may like to educate yourself on the additional following holistic modalities:

– Meditation
– Relaxation techniques
– Gentle deep breathing
– Prayer
– Yoga – Tai Chi
– Chakra alignments (energetically aligning energy centers)
– Aromatherapy
– Relaxing walks in nature
– Listening to uplifting music

As discovered, PTSD comes in many different forms and often goes unnoticed. Perhaps you fall into this category after reading this short blog. Recognizing, admitting, and taking action to live a more harmonious life is a wonderful start. Confiding in a trustworthy friend or finding a local support group that truly understands what we’ve been through can be so validating in our emotional pain, as well as recovery. And we certainly don’t have to go on our ‘Healing Journey’ all alone!

If this topic resonates in any way and you are interested in learning various techniques to release trauma, please stay tuned for our upcoming membership with powerful self-care techniques to shift your body, mind & spirit into homeostasis and balance.

Please remember that your needs and wants genuinely matter! You are important! You deserve to live your best life every single day!

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In case of an emergency, the following info might be helpful:

– call 911
– National Youth Crisis Hotline: 800-442-HOPE
– National Suicide Prevention Lifeline: 1-800-273-TALKNational
– Domestic Violence: 1-800-799-SAFE


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