Hi, I'm Angela
Everybody has a STORY; mine begins with TRAUMA, REJECTION and HEARTACHE
Much like you, life has taken me on a roller coaster ride that often made me doubt and question if this was all there is! Growing up as an only child may sound intriguing, but on the contrary, the daily expectation of being ‘perfect’ and living up to my parents’ expectations was simply unreachable. So, little by little, I turned into a chronic people pleaser, believing, ‘when I do nice things for others, they will love and appreciate me!’ That didn’t turn out so well, and I ended up in a marriage with a complete narcissist who loved being served and admired, yet dismissed me at any chance he could get. I nearly lost my identity.
After decades of rejection, heartache, and daily dreading ‘what’s next’, my stuck emotions festered deep inside my cells to the point where my body shut down physically, emotionally, and mentally, leaving me barely able to walk! That is why I genuinely understand how abuse can surface in many different forms, even decades later. Unaddressed trauma can take an enormous toll on us at the deepest levels within our mind, soul, and emotional being.
That said, there is always HOPE and so much to look forward to! Regardless of your age, the possibilities of living a life of peace, confidence, and total bliss are truly endless! I am living proof! Intrigued by my own improvements, primarily through releasing stuck emotions, negative core beliefs, and lots of prayers, I began studying energy work and aromatherapy to balance my inner well-being. As a successful Energy Healer for over 15 years, I have had the privilege of working with a vast number of clients across the globe and am simply astonished and delighted by their physical and emotional improvements! You can be one of these success stories! My goal is to equip you with the right tools and gentle solutions to heal yourself from the inside out, and I believe working together is the key for lasting transformation. Much Light and Love, Angela
Happy Clients - Testimonials

Breakthrough with Clarity and Self-confidence.

When I first came to Angela, I had several wonderful business opportunities in front of me, but because of my anxiety, I was doubting my ability to successfully achieve them.

She worked with me to identify and release the limiting beliefs and stuck emotions that were keeping me trapped. I was pleasantly surprised how letting of these go could allow me to take action with confidence.

Angela is incredibly gifted, not only with her amazing skills and training but also with her deep intuition. She is my ‘go-to’ person whenever I’m feeling stuck because I know I’ll walk away with more clarity and a breakthrough.

Barbara Gustavson - Personal Development and Brain Health Coach, Discover Next Step

‘Lifelong Rejection’ Released and Feeling Great!

I have been so fortunate to utilize many healing techniques from gifted practitioners through the years. For me, Angela’s skill and compassionate delivery of ‘Energy Medicine Techniques’ has helped me progress at rapid rates.

It’s like she is doing the heavy lifting of a front loader to dig out the negative cruddy vibrations while simultaneously using a precision tool, like a diamond setter, to bring beautiful healing light and thoughts to my psyche and spirit.

Going through severe rejection in my childhood had me stuck all through my adulthood in so many ways. However, the art of “emotional healing’ is intense work, but Angela makes it easier because of her supportive ways.

She is gentle, funny, straightforward, and always connected to God’s highest good. And the Emotion/Body Code is incredible in what it detects that keeps us from being our best selves. I’m so grateful to Angela and her full tool kit of healing modalities, and I feel now so much lighter than ever before.

Laura P. - Occupational; Therapist, Virginia

Found my passion for life again!

I could go on and on, but I know a testimonial should be fairly short. I hope this says it all.

Angela has been such an integral and joyful part of my healing journey! After being intertwined within and among years of family deaths, and emotional, psychological, and physical illnesses and traumas.

I came to Angela to help me find my way again. I had gone into survival mode by shoving down and burying my emotions until I barely knew who I was anymore. Angela has guided me in processing my emotions in a loving and supportive environment, all while exuding joy and compassion. Her combined skill and natural talent as an Emotion/Body Code Practitioner and Aromatherapist have truly helped me find my passion for life once again. I love this woman!

Denise P. - Occupational Therapist. Virginia

Overcoming Physical Issues and Clearing Negative Energy

Angela has been an enormous help to me for several years now. She consistently helps me overcome stuck and negative energy so I can move forward in living with far less stress. This has helped me with all my relationships and with overcoming physical issues. Her guidance and knowledge are an invaluable part of my life!!!

Katherine G. - Fredericksburg, Virginia

Released Blocked Memories from Old Events

A series of life events unfolded and led me to Angela. I had no prior knowledge of her or her Energy Medicine practice but was open to having a session. Angela’s gentle spirit and professionalism allowed me to feel comfortable and confident in this modality of healing.

I subsequently had several sessions with Angela to clear trapped emotions that were holding me back from living my best life. Angela identified trapped emotions from life events I had blocked from my memory. Additionally, there were other trapped emotions from events I believed to have worked through but were still affecting me on some level.

After multiple sessions, I feel better than ever physically, emotionally, and mentally. I know releasing trapped emotions is powerful and when combined with other lifestyle elements, can lead to physical, mental, and emotional well-being. Thank you, Angela–an angel disguised as you!

Claudia H. – Germany


40-Year Struggle with Vomiting and Anxiety Released!

I have struggled for my entire life with anxiety, low self-esteem, and occasional depression due in part to trauma and sexual abuse from childhood. My biggest daily struggle was emetophobia, a fear of vomiting, which fed my anxiety daily, especially during the winter months.

As a mom of three young children, vomit is a common occurrence. After working with Angela for just over a year now, I consider myself almost 100% cured of my phobia. When my children throw up, I can stay in the house and stay calm. This is a huge deal for me. She connected the phobia to trauma, and through that process, I was able to release it from my body. It was nothing short of a miracle after almost 40 years of feeling miserable with it.

Her calming presence just instantly relaxes me during our in-person and phone sessions. She has this way about her that makes you feel instantly close to her. She really makes you feel like you’re the most precious and important person in the world when you’re with her, and who doesn’t need to feel like that once in a while?

Since working with Angela, I feel more in control of my emotions as she’s helped me to realize that I can’t control other people or their emotions, but I can control my reactions to them and how they affect me. I recommend Angela to literally anyone because there is something about her calming, kind presence that brings joy and peace to all she meets.

Erin S. Richmond, Virginia

Calm and Clear-headed after 15 years of Despair and Tragedy

Prior to my first session with Angela, I had heard marvelous things about the work that she does. The Emotion Code concept made sense to me, as energy exists amongst everything inside of us and surrounding us. Whether it’s a physical experience or an inner feeling, energy is the root of all. As a Mother of two very young children, I very often find myself in a whirlwind state of being.

Over the past 15 years, much despair and tragedy have crossed my path. Instead of falling victim to my experiences, I always chose to carry them with me as part of who I am and what I stand for. To feel thankful for the beauty in life and to find a patient sense of self-awareness was always the goal.  It became extremely hard to continue on that path recently, as an overwhelming struggle seemed to define many days. Since I am home with both babies during the days I don’t work, a session with Angela in person was impossible. She assured me that phone sessions are equally as beneficial, and she was SO very right!!

Within hours of our first discussion via phone, I was very surprised at how physical of a result I felt.  My chest muscles and upper back ached as though I was detoxing after a deep tissue massage. Though my day was busy with errands, I felt an overall sense of calm. I slept better and felt much more clear-headed after releasing so much inner turmoil that had lingered for so long.

Angela is extremely genuine and loving, with a true ability to pinpoint the cause of many issues, whether they stem from trauma, anxiety, stress, sadness, or worry.  Focusing on the power that energy holds and its ability to release it easy and safely has been quite interesting, and I am so thankful for Angela and her one-of-a-kind practice!

Andrea S. Richmond, Virginia

5-year old night terrors/sleeplessness subsided

I was desperate to find help for my 5-year-old daughter’s night terrors and sleeplessness after no results with adjusting her diet, implementing an elaborate bedtime routine, melatonin and essential oils to assist, and even a sleep study.  A co-worker mentioned an Emotion Code Session helping her child overcome a trauma that was impacting his day-to-day life. I consider myself a skeptic by nature, but I was willing to try anything to help.

My daughter and I met with Angela, and immediately, we loved her sweet demeanor and the way she warmed to my little bubbly 5-year-old with ease.  Angela was able to identify key points in my daughter’s life where traumas were experienced, and I was floored by how much she was able to accurately pinpoint. She was able to release trapped emotions, release entities that were surrounding her, and help her heart wall, among others. My daughter’s sleep, shockingly to me, improved greatly, and to date (over a year later), she has only experienced 3 night terrors since. Her frequency before seeing Angela was 2-3 a week.

I did my own session with Angela shortly after, and again, found myself stunned by how accurately she identified trauma in my childhood and young adulthood. I have always struggled with feelings of unworthiness and sadness, and I was experiencing a struggle to feel connected to everything in my life. Angela helped me process through these, and helped reconnect my spirit to my body. I genuinely felt a weight lifted emotionally after her session. The experience was like nothing else. I’m so thankful for Angela’s skills! She’s done wonders for me and my daughter. Thank you!

Shannon G. Fredericksburg, Virginia

Finally found the missing piece to get ‘unstuck’ !

Angela is a true gem. Her warm embrace, heartfelt smile, and caring words make her excellent at what she does.

For me, it’s been about getting “unstuck”. I started my journey to better health and overall happiness in November 2018 and working with a naturopath, and then a functional medicine practitioner led me to take a closer look at my whole body. The practitioners were able to help heal years of digestive issues and help me come to understand the importance of proper nutrition for balance and long-term health. They also put a huge emphasis on emotional health, and things such as yoga and meditation became a way of life for me.
However, I still felt like I was stuck and not completely able to heal. I started seeing Angela in late 2019 for Energy Healing Sessions and truly feel like she was the missing piece. She not only helped heal a lot of negative emotions stored in my body, but she made me realize the importance of our energy and how it affects the body and mind in ways that are not visible but truly present.

I have learned so much, I have grown so much, and truly feel like I am on such an amazing road to healing! Plus, she makes great essential oil inhalers! I can’t thank you enough, Angela XOXOXO

Ronni C. Richmond, Virginia

Skeptical, Surprised, and Grateful!

I was in a place where I had enough and wanted to run away from, what most people call, a good successful life.

I didn’t feel that way, but why? In my search for answers, I found Angela, a God sent. She defined what the Emotion/Body Code and Energy Healing was all about, and helped me get back to having a fruitful life. At first, I was skeptical of how this all works. However, much to my surprise, within a few sessions, with the help of God and Angela’s techniques, it helped me to let go of things emotionally, physically, and spiritually.

One Mantra I have is, “I can’t, he can (God), so I am going to let Him!” I am grateful to have Angela in my life and would recommend her to help you as well!

Sheryl R. - Albuquerque, New Mexico

Penny, the dog, is now fearless and affectionate !

When I think about how Penny was before I decided to have Angela do an Emotion/Body Code session for her, I remember thinking she wasn’t the Penny I know. She was acting very withdrawn from me; she is a huge cuddle bug and my shadow, and this behavior was unusual for her. She didn’t enjoy the activities she once did. She had a hard time letting loose and being her goofy fun self when I would try to play with her. She also acted differently towards other dogs, more reactive and fearful than her usual respectful self.

After the first session, I started to feel her softening around me and being more affectionate. I could see some improvement.
It was after the second session that she really become the dog I know she is.
I remember playing fetch with her a few days after the session, and she was hopping around and kicking her legs in the air, being jolly and carefree. She smiled at me again, which she hadn’t done in a while. It warmed my heart to see her so happy. She was enjoying life again. Her behavior around other dogs also became less fearful.

I am so grateful to have my sweet, affectionate, fun-loving Penny back.

Penny/Malia - Richmond, Virginia

Creating new space after releasing negative Emotions

I honestly believe my Emotion Code sessions with Angela, which I have been committed to for the past 4 + months, have complimented and powerfully helped in my journey of self-growth.

My commitment to my mental health and physical health has included mental health therapy, consistent exercise, healthy eating, some life coaching, and Emotion/Body Code sessions.

Being able to have Angela help with the ‘release’ of emotions and other junk in my body allows for pathways to open up that create spaces for better understanding myself and stepping into my best authentic self. All my sessions have matched/related to my therapy and life coaching sessions seamlessly and organically.

I highly recommend bringing Angela and her services onto anyone’s journey to improve mental and physical health.

Kristin F. - Richmond, Virginia

Aromatherapy to calm Stress

I was always interested in Aromatherapy but didn’t know who to go to to find out.

A close friend recommended Angela to me, and I am so glad she did! Since that day, I rely heavily on my Essential Oils for everything! Especially after a stressful day, and I need a great night’s sleep. I have learned plenty and use my custom-made oil blends religiously for everything!

I feel blessed. Thank you, Angela!

Crimi B. - Federicksburg, Virginia

Soul and Spirit are calm and refreshed !

I have been a client of Angela Santiago’s for close to a year now and was referred by my massage therapist, who gave Angela a glowing reference.

She explained the Emotion Code and how emotions can be found and released through the Science of Kinesiology.
I researched this method of Kinesiology and was quite intrigued, and I immediately made an appointment. My first impression of Angela was that she is beautiful inside and out and is a very honest and compassionate person. Before our first session, she explained her full background in Emotion/Body Code, Healing Touch, Kinesiology, and her expertise in Aromatherapy. During the sessions, I felt very relaxed, yet surprised at how many emotional cords she found. And oh boy, did I have many!

Afterward, I felt quite exhausted, which is not unusual and is called “processing”.
With every session, Angela released more and more emotional cords, and I started feeling better about past and current issues that had been bothering me.

I recommend that anyone reach out to Angela Santiago! You will be amazed at how better your soul and spirit will feel!

Stephanie L. - Richmond, Virginia

A reboot of the Heart, Mind, and Soul

An Energy session with Angela is a reboot of the heart, mind, body, and soul.

Whether it’s a session of Emotion/Body Code or a Chakra Alignment through Healing Touch, she naturally makes you feel comfortable and safe while creating the space for self-growth and healing.

Angela’s knowledge of Aromatherapy has become invaluable in my life. I can’t express enough how grateful I am, and her intuitive spirit are now a part of my life.

Malia, Richmond VA

Breathing better after First Session !

I cannot believe how much better and deeper I could breathe after my first Emotion Code session.

Over the last few weeks, as I have continued E-code with Angela, I have felt more relaxed and focused in all areas of my life.

The Essential Oils and Blends she has recommended are the perfect complements, as they really help to increase the effectiveness of my sessions.

Tabitha D. - Virginia

Sciatica pain completely gone after one session !

My healing sessions with Angela have all been profound and transformational. The work she does is deep and very healing. The mystical science built into the Emotion Code and Body Code allows the body to speak out about what trapped emotions or body tensions are held and are ready to be let go of. The amount of healing possible is absolutely phenomenal. In my first session, I went in for a terrible, nearly debilitating sciatica.

Lots of trapped emotions came out relating to the stresses that had caused the pain and terror in my body. It took a day or two to process everything, and immediately after that, my sciatica was completely gone! I have suffered from that several times in my life – each so extreme I had to stop work, lost my apartment, and had to quit my schooling.
My first sciatica started my healing journey, the 2nd began my yoga career, and this 3rd had taught me truly how quickly I can heal.
Angela is very ‘in-tune’ with life, the Universe, and herself.

A truly lovely person who is gentle and kind, a perfect guide for me as my body releases too-long-held emotions, tensions, and stress. With each release, I feel lighter and more grateful for all I am, all my life has been… and all it will continue to be.
I am eternally grateful for this amazing healing! I have also received “Healing Touch Sessions” from Angela, and I found them deeply meditative, clearing, unifying, and clarifying on a deep body level. Through gentle touch and focus, she was able to help the ‘muddy waters’ circulating in my Chakras and to move back into the pure stream of energy flowing through my body so that it could become clear again. As a massage therapist and Pranic Healer, I understand how this works, yet this was an altogether new healing for me.

After one session, my stress and anxiety about life in general significantly decreased. I am excited for continued sessions!!

Alexa K. - Richmond, Virginia

Calmness in the midst of Trauma

When I first met Angela and heard about the Emotion Code, I was intensely skeptical but also desperate.

My marriage was going through a rough patch that was becoming rockier all the time, and the previously ignored childhood trauma of my parent’s divorce when I was three was rearing its ugly head and preventing me from coping with my current reality. At our very first session, as the muscle testing technique revealed which emotions were ready to be released, I was unnerved by how spot-on the ages and feelings of the trapped emotions Angela discovered were. I even made her show me the chart to see if it was so general that just every single word on the chart would apply to me, but that wasn’t the case.

She was clearly tapping into feelings that my body had been holding onto for a long time.
And after that session, for the first time, I was able to calmly say, “My husband might divorce me,“ without immediately dissolving into panic and tears. Angela’s calm and supportive manner, paired with humor and warmth, has been a soothing balm as she has helped me process past traumas and experiences so I can live more peacefully in the present moment. I’ve tried to describe the process and treatment impact to friends, and after sharing some concrete explanations about muscle testing and “my arm talking for me“ and the way I can feel my body letting go of past tensions, every time I get to a point where I don’t know how to answer their inquiries.

My go-to answer to the question of how this stuff works, really, has become “Magic, I think?” I am so grateful to have found Angela and her magic; it has made a huge difference in my life.

Jen R. - Richmond, Virginia

Anxious Cat is now calm and relaxed

I have a very anxious cat who has benefited greatly from Angela’s Emotion Code sessions.

Opie (the cat) has issues urinating outside the litter box, was lost for 4 days, and is terrified of going to the vet.

Angela has worked with him to release stuck emotions related to these issues and to reduce the old trauma that he’s felt. I noticed a change in his demeanor after several sessions with Angela – he’s much calmer and more relaxed.

Laura - Richmond, Virginia

Customized Aromatherapy Blend for Anxiousness

During the time my father was in the hospital, I had increased anxiousness and difficulty sleeping at night.

Not wanting to turn to pills for relief, I was grateful for the recommendation to try the “‘Inner Peace’ Essential Oil Blend! Being able to use natural Aromatherapy remedies with your amazing insight was truly a blessing! Thank you so much!

Gina F. - Richmond, Virginia

Lab Results under Control !

Working with Angela with Emotion Code has literally changed my life. I have been working for years with excellent holistic practitioners to resolve my health issues. One of those practitioners felt that, after much extensive work, there was something more going on within me, causing my body not to heal as it should. She suggested that I work with Angela to see how the Emotion Code could accelerate my healing. Within weeks, I no longer needed to take anything to alleviate my anxiety.

It was so amazing to be able to handle the usual “stressors” with calm and focus! The best news of all was that my lab results and scans showed the inflammation that had been plaguing my body for decades is finally under control! It is no surprise how our emotions can affect our outlook on life and how we handle stress, but to see just how much they have an impact on our health and well-being is astonishing! Thank you, Angela!

Denise B. - Fredericksburg, Virginia

Sleeping well every night !

Angela is my “Go To” gal when it comes to Aromatherapy and Essential Oil Blends. She is so knowledgeable and has been so helpful to me, my family, and my entire clientele.

As a clinical nutritionist, I am fully aware of the benefits of Essential Oils, but I enjoy the fact that I don’t have to be an expert on them.

Angela is always ready to help me or anyone I refer to her. I love her ” Sunshine Blend” and “Sleepy Lotion” formulated especially for me. I so value and appreciate her expertise and great customer service!!

Donna Hetrick – Certified Clinical Nutritionist, Virginia

‘Calm and Confident’ after multiple traumatic life events

Over the last few years, Angela has helped me release stuck emotions related to being raised by an alcoholic, the death of my mother, a stressful divorce, and being fired from my job after almost 20 years.

Emotion Code works! It’s amazing the emotions she uncovers using muscle testing. At first, I was skeptical, but the more my arm ‘answered’, the bigger believer I became.
Angela even does remote sessions when I can’t get to see her in person. I can tell a difference after our sessions – I always know when I’m going into processing.

My friends and family notice I’m happier, calmer, and more confident since working with Angela. She’s a lifesaver – literally!

Laura A. - Richmond, Virginia

Finally found Love again !

I was referred to Angela by my Nutritionist. I am a six years ago divorced man who hadn’t found someone in the intervening years despite considerable effort.

Angela immediately zoned in on multiple stresses in my life (diagnosed at the time of divorce and countless other details of my past that she could have known nothing about). The main push of our time was to remove my ‘Heart Wall’. Now this may not sound exciting, but I had met several possible lady candidates over the last six years, but as friendly, smart, open, and sexy (smile) as they no doubt found me, the fact was that I was not really open and it eventually came to the fore.

I constantly found a lightness about myself that had been absent for so long that I barely remembered what it felt like to be unencumbered, but the payoff was that a few weeks after my heart wall fell to dust, I met a young lady for whom I am currently shopping for an engagement ring. In short,
I highly, highly, highly recommend that you start off buying an Emotion Code package for yourself and investigate this wonderful woman’s work for yourself!

And you will see what it might mean to have an open spirit to show to the world that you can close those emotional wounds that have festered for years and feel light and young and free again!

David S. - Stafford, Virginia

Profound release during an Emotional Emergency !

I have had a few emotional emergencies where I literally felt as though I couldn’t function.

Each time Angela worked on me during those times, I instantly felt calmer and more even-keeled. I started to do Emotion Code sessions consistently now, rather than just waiting for an emergency, and I can see a big difference in my overall emotional state. I have done other forms of Energy Work over the years, but the Emotion Code has, hands down, been the most effective for me. This type of energy balancing gets to the root cause of the emotional issues that you are experiencing, and that is why it has been so profound for me.

In addition, Angela is quite intuitive when it comes to AROMATHERAPY blending, especially for emotional balancing.

Melanie M. - Richmond, Virginia

A new sense of Empowerment

 I have struggled with depression and anxiety for most of my adult life. Although traditional treatment of medication and psychotherapy have been very helpful, I have always felt there is something more than my physical brain chemistry that needed attention.

Discovering Angela and her holistic approach with the Emotion/Body Code, Healing Touch, and Aromatherapy has been the missing piece to my recovery. Working with Angela has helped me move forward not only emotionally and mentally but also physically to help my body heal from chronic sports injuries.

Since working with Angela, I have a new sense of empowerment that is helping me take my life to a new level of confidence and purpose. I only wish I had found her sooner. Thank you, Angela.

Katie D. - Richmond, Virginia

Release from Anxiety and Dread due to deep-rooted Crisis

When I first went to Angela, I was in crisis. I constantly had this pit of anxiety and dread, t was to the point that I was suicidal. I had gone to all the doctors; I was even committed to a mental hospital.

None of the drugs or traditional therapies ever helped. My first Emotion Code Session with her was amazing; immediately, I felt at ease, comforted, and for once understood. After the first session, I felt immensely better: it felt like a huge weight was lifted off my chest. I was able to enjoy life again.
I even had pain in my neck from a previous whiplash that disappeared immediately. During our sessions, we released a lot of inherited trauma from my parents. Also, don’t let distance stop you from making a telephone appointment with Angela. I had to move to New Mexico and continued our Emotion Code Sessions that genuinely were the same as if I had an appointment with her in person.

To date, I’ve done 13 sessions with her and plan to do many more. I urge anyone that wants to FEEL better, to make an appointment with Angela ASAP. Angela is one of the best human beings I know; I love her so much and am so grateful she is in my life.

Jasmine S. - New Mexico

Reduced Anxiety and Panic Attacks

I have been a client of Angela’s for the Emotion Code, along with using Aromatherapy for about 4 months.

I cannot express enough the difference she has made in my life! When she began working with me, I was changing jobs every 2 months, experiencing anxiety and panic attacks. I now have a permanent job, feel more relaxed and my shoulders are no longer tied in knots every single day. In addition to the trapped emotions, she found a very large heart wall that prevented me from opening my heart, which took several sessions to remove.

I am excited that I finally have a date with a wonderful guy and could not be more hopeful about my dating future. I feel like I am no longer invisible to men. Thank you, Angela, for the work you do to change lives!

Germaine R. - Arizona

Finding comfort with customized Aromatherapy after a difficult break-up !

After a recent breakup that had me in tears daily, Angela came to the rescue with her unique, customized inhalers (Balance & Happy blend) and her Inner Peace roll-on blend. I’ve been using them several times a day and truly feel my spirit and heart are lighter because of them. The scents help ground me and are comforting at the same time.

Angela makes the best Aromatherapy blends – I have almost every roll-on blend she’s ever made!!

Laura S. - Richmond

Sessions have been absolutely life changing !

My life has not been easy, and like many people, I have had my fair share of struggles and have experienced a great deal of trauma.
In 2020, I started my journey of inner healing. Up until that point, I was so focused on my exterior that I was quite literally forced to do the inner work.

After having exhausted talk therapy, I consulted shamans, astrologers, reiki practitioners, and tarot readers, and my last ditch attempt was hypnotherapy. After several sessions of being unable to crack the surface, the hypnotherapist suggested I reach out to Angela. Now, there have been several pivotal moments in my life that I can honestly say have completely changed the trajectory of my life (hopping timelines, if you will). Some for the better and some worse. Meeting Angela has been absolutely life-changing, and I don’t use this verbiage lightly. Each session allows me the space to process and release traumas, clear energetic blockages, and dismantle my crippling negative self-image. After each session, I feel a tangible lightness, both physically and emotionally. I finally feel like my life is starting, and I am so excited about what my future holds. My family has noticed such an improvement in my demeanor, and after 7 months of being unemployed, I just accepted an amazing job offer!

I honestly believe this is possible because of the work I have done with Angela, and for that, I will be forever grateful.
It is both a blessing and a curse to feel everything so deeply, but with Angela’s help, I am learning to no longer allow my emotions to run the show.

Mallery P. - Richmond VA

Relief from years of suffering with physical and emotional symptoms

I am blessed and grateful that I was referred to Angela by my primary care physician and by my supplement practitioner.

I had many years of suffering from physical and emotional symptoms and was often told it was all in my head. It, of course, was not.
The true story was my whole body was involved- spiritually, mentally, emotionally, and physically. Emotion Code and Body Code, in my opinion, are effective, fast-track methods to pinpoint what needs to be healed and how. I have benefited greatly from these methods, along with Chakra Alignments and personalized Aromatherapy.

Angela is skilled, knowledgeable, and talented in each of these healing methods, and I am so glad she came into my life as a practitioner, and now I call her a friend. She truly cares for you like you are a member of her family.

Nicole A., Alabama

Sessions & aromatics are a huge help and success !

I have never felt so heard and cared for before. The aromas (customized emotional essential oil blends) that Angela made for me have been a huge help in my everyday life. The calm inhaler has been a game changer for me, and I feel so much more relieved and less stressed. The clarity roller I got has helped me keep my focus longer on tasks I had trouble focusing on for longer. The energy sessions truly are scary; how accurate they are. After the session, it seems like those issues are a lot less loud than they were before.

I have had a lot of success with Angela’s sessions and aromas. It has been eye-opening, and I learn things about myself that I didn’t even really know. Or she can put into words what I’m feeling when I can’t. Truly a gift, and I would definitely recommend it.

Maddie - Stafford, Virginia

Childhood Trauma cleared

 My journey with Angela has been amazing, uplifting, and powerful. Working with Angela has allowed me to release pent-up emotions that I have been holding onto since childhood trauma.
The Emotion Code has freed me from the negativity that I have been carrying for about 20 years.

I now feel more comfortable with myself, have better control of my emotions, and overall feel much happier. My favorite part about the Emotion Code is my body does the talking for me. Angela encourages me to share only what makes me comfortable and never pushes for information.

In addition to the Energy Sessions, Angela has delightful Aromatherapy blends specifically designed to aid in processing and releasing trapped emotions.

Words cannot describe how helpful this journey has been to my overall well-being, which is something that needs to be experienced firsthand. I truly believe that this Energy Technique could make improvements to anyone’s life! Thanks!

Casey S. - Fredericksburg, Virginia

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