Emotional Wellness with Angela
I assist clients to uncover and release hidden traumas, stuck emotions, and negative beliefs, to discover their self-worth, inner strength, and love themselves for who they are.
Your Emotional Healing Journey Starts Here

Energy Healing Sessions

Experience uniquely customized 1-1 sessions to release deep-seated, stuck emotions and limited beliefs in a gentle and balanced way.

Rewiring your Brain

COMING SOON: A dynamic 6-week program on rewiring our minds, thoughts, responses, and actions! Included are inspiring self-care solutions and easy techniques to get 'unstuck'. Stay tuned !

Emotional Wellness Products

Shop our fabulous selection of products for your Emotional Well-being. Please be patient while additional products are added soon.
Hi, I'm Angela
I am a Holistic Energy Medicine Practitioner | Aromatherapist | Counselor
After decades of personal experiences of deep-seated trauma caused by abuse, loss, rejection & betrayal, I have been able to uniquely connect, listen to, and understand clients that have gone through similar struggles. Throughout the past 15+ years, I created and used powerful tools that helped me release and heal my very own traumas. Today, I teach these techniques to my clients to be confident, inspired, and genuinely learn to love and accept themselves for who they truly are.

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