Moving On From Toxic Relationships


Dealing with toxic relationships day in and day out can leave a person energetically depleted and drained. That is often followed by self-doubt, guilt, and blame, leaving us unsure of what is true and what is not and can ultimately become a daily struggle.

Therefore, cultivating a positive mindset with uplifting words nurtures optimism and elevates self-esteem. Since inner healing takes time, extending self-love and compassion is of the utmost importance. Starting and ending each day with an inspiring declaration brings more joy and love to your heart and soul.

This module includes 25 powerful declarations.

Who will this benefit?

  • Anyone who is in a ‘toxic’ relationship.
  • When boundaries are not respected.
  • Someone who’s never been validated in a relationship.
  • Anyone feeling ‘less than’ in a relationship.
  • Never being validated; hence, we are starting to doubt ourselves.
  • Being belittled, humiliated, or dismissed. 

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