Moving from Rejection to Self-Approval


The key to moving on from past or current deep-seated rejection is SELF-COMPASSION!

The enormous weight holding us down for years and often decades has been too long, and it’s time to change things around. Each new declaration chips away from these old, worn-out thought patterns and leads us to embrace new, encouraging beliefs and boost our confidence and self-approval!

Includes 25 powerful declarations

 Who will this benefit?

  • Anyone that has experienced rejection.
  • Anyone struggling with self-doubt and unworthiness.
  • Individuals that never feel validated.
  • Anyone wanting to rebuild their self-esteem after a breakup.
  •  Anyone that wants to increase personal growth.
  • Individuals who encounter rejection at their workplace and want to regain self-respect.

* Please note: This is an instant digital pdf download with immediate access upon purchase.


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