Giving Hope To Mothers In Despair


Giving Hope to Mothers in Dispair

Dealing with strong-willed and entitled children can be quite draining, stressful and really impact a mother’s heart. Setting clear boundaries may be one piece of the puzzle. 

The second piece is letting go of the guilt and self-blame, especially when we tried our very best. Perhaps there are still lingering thoughts of ‘I should’ve been a better mom!’ or ‘What did I do wrong?’ on our minds. If that is you, please consider daily self-care, prayers, meditation, and anything that helps to reset your racing thoughts. 

Read, recite, and remember all the positive declarations that resonate with you in this module so that when you have a tough day, you will have some tools to replace your negative thoughts immediately. 

This module includes 25 powerful declarations

Who will this benefit?

  • A mom who is at her wit’s end and needs encouragement.
  • A mom who feels guilty even though she tried everything possible.
  • A mom who needs the hope that things can change for the better.
  • A mom who is too embarrassed to share with others what she is going through.
  • A mom who is emotionally and mentally drained and needs a shift in her mindset.
  • A mom who seeks support with daily self-care tools and techniques.
  • A single mom whose plate is full and needs to hear positive and uplifting words.

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