What is the Emotion/Body Code?

The Emotion Code is one of the easiest and most gentle techniques to release deep-seated, trapped emotions that a person carries around for a short time and sometimes even decades!

Let’s start with a couple of simple questions:

  1. Is your mind stuck?
  2. Are your thoughts in survival mode?
  3. Do you have difficulties letting go of painful memories or events?
  4. Are you struggling to move forward?
  5. Do you wrestle with never feeling ‘good enough’?
  6. Do you find yourself asking: “Why me?”
  7. Have you achieved everything you wanted and are still unhappy?
  8. Are you unhappy with your body image?


Did you answer “Yes” to one or more of these questions?

Then I want to encourage you because there is help for you! Negative thoughts can invade our minds even before we are born! They are often inherited from either mom’s or dad’s side of the family down to multiple generations! And yes, we can pass them on to our children! Absorbing emotions is another way of filling our energy field with unwanted thoughts and beliefs! One way is to allow negative people to influence our lives. Another way of absorbing toxic emotions can be created during an abusive and unstable pregnancy, where a mom’s thoughts and feelings get locked into the unborn fetus through no fault of her own.

In addition, there are belief systems that were deeply embedded within us since early childhood that cause emotions of very low self-esteem, feeling worthless or even unworthy, thinking we don’t deserve better, and the list goes on and on… BUT…. Here is the incredible news: THERE IS HELP FOR YOU!

After releasing these toxic emotions, you feel lighter, happier, have more clarity, and clients often say that ongoing physical discomfort is lessened or nearly dissolved. I offer phone and remote sessions for adults, children & pets all around the globe.

Energy Healing Sessions Emotion/Body Code for Adults and Children

The Emotion/Body Code is a gentle yet effective technique where we can identify and release trapped and toxic Emotions from our Subconscious Mind. These deep-seated Emotions can be created from Traumatic Events, Detrimental Experiences/Memories during our Childhood or Adult Life.

Let’s try to find out what triggers you and release it. I offer phone and remote sessions all around the globe.

Emotion Code for Pets  

Dogs, Cats, Horses Have you ever thought your PETS could have trapped emotions? Well, they can, and more often than we think. Trapped Emotions can occur when pets are in shelters for a long time, being mistreated by their owners, taking trips in the car, perhaps visits to the Vet, or even being bullied by other pets in the home, to name a few examples! Emotion-Code for pets is an excellent OPTION!

I offer phone and remote sessions.

What is Healing Touch?

Healing Touch is a gentle Energy Healing Technique that allows your body to get back in alignment due to illness, stress, anxiety, traumatic events, shock, grief, an overactive mind, injury, pain, or surgery. I offer a variety of soothing techniques to balance, center, and support your depleted body!

Types of Healing Touch Techniques & Chakra Alignments 

Balancing of Energy Centers, Mind Clearing, Pain Drain, Emotional Deep Healing, Headache/Migraine Releasing Techniques, Spinal Flush, Brazilian Toe Technique, and more.

Chakra Alignment Chakras, also called Energy Centers, reach from the crown of the head to the end of the spine to keep our bodies in beautiful harmony when aligned. If, however, stress dominates our life and daily tasks are more than we can juggle, this is a perfect choice to feel refreshed and ‘put together’ again.

Healing Touch & Chakra Alignments sessions are offered as remote sessions.

My Personal Story

I was suffering from excruciating pain in my right shoulder, lingering there for more than two years. Trying to reach my kitchen shelves was nearly impossible due to the constant throbbing ache. After deciding to seek a medical opinion, a specialist diagnosed me to have Rotator-Cuff Surgery. Immediately! However, I kindly declined; instead, I searched for a Holistic Practitioner specializing in Energy Medicine. He quickly pinpointed and released decades of old, longstanding, and trapped emotions (Shock, Panic, Unworthy, etc.) that I accumulated from childhood through my adult years! To my surprise, it worked! I was finally pain-free and felt lighter and more content than I had in a very long time. My success inspired me to create powerful techniques where I now help clients, friends, and family in a gentle and loving way. After releasing these toxic EMOTIONS, you feel lighter, happier, have more clarity, and often experience less physical discomfort.

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