More Testimonials on Emotion Code + Aromatherapy

Reduced Anxiety and Panic Attacks


I have been a client of Angela’s for the EMOTION CODE along with using AROMATHERAPY for about 4 months. I cannot express enough the difference she has made in my life! When she began working with me I was changing jobs every 2 months, experiencing anxiety and panic attacks. I now have a permanent job,  feel more relaxed and my shoulders are not tied in knots every single day.  In addition to the trapped emotions she found a very large heart wall which prevented me from opening my Heart, which took several sessions to remove that. I am excited that I finally have a date with a wonderful guy and could not be more hopeful about my dating future. I feel like I am no longer invisible to men. "Thank you Angela for the work you do to change lives"!


Release from Anxiety and Dread due to deep-rooted Crisis 

When I first went to Angela I was in crisis. I constantly had this pit of anxiety and dread, it was to the point that I was suicidal. I had gone to all the doctor's, I was even committed to a mental hospital. None of the drugs or traditional therapies ever helped. My first EMOTION CODE SESSION with her was amazing, immediately I felt at ease, comforted and for once understood. After the first session I felt immensely better: it felt like a huge weight was lifted off my chest. I was able to enjoy life again. I even had pain in my neck from a previous whiplash disappeared immediately.


During our sessions we released a lot of inherited trauma from my parents. Also, don't let distance stop you from making a telephone appointment with Angela. I had to move to New Mexico and continued our EMOTION CODE SESSIONS that genuinely where the same as if I had an appointment with her in person. To date I've done 13 sessions with her and plan to do many more. I urge anyone that wants to FEEL better, to make an appointment with Angela ASAP. Angela is one of the best human beings I know, I love her so much and am so grateful she is in my life.



Childhood Trauma cleared 

"My journey with the EMOTION CODE has been amazing, uplifting, and powerful. Working with Angela has allowed me to release pent up emotions that I have been holding onto since a childhood trauma. The EMOTION CODE has freed me from the negativity that I have been carrying for about 20 years. I now feel more comfortable with myself, have a better control on my emotions, and overall feel much happier. My favorite part about the Emotion Code is my body does the talking for me. Angela encourages me to share only what makes me comfortable and never pushes for information. In addition to the Emotion Code, Angela has delightful AROMATHERAPY blends specifically designed to aid in processing and releasing trapped emotions. Words cannot describe how helpful this journey has been to my overall well-being, which is something that needs to be experienced firsthand. I truly believe that the EMOTION CODE could make improvements to anyone’s life!"  Thanks! Cassie


I have had a few emotional emergencies where I literally felt as though I couldn't function. Each time Angela has worked on me during those times I have instantly felt calmer and more even-keeled. I am starting to do EMOTION CODE SESSIONS consistently now, rather than just waiting for an emergency, and I can see a big difference in my overall emotional state. I have done other forms of energy work over the years, but the Emotion Code has hands down, been the most effective for me. This type of energy balancing gets to the root cause of the emotional issues that you are experiencing, and that is why it has been so profound for me.  


Finally found Love again!


I was referred to Angela by my Nutritionist. I am a six years ago divorced man, who hadn't found someone in the intervening years despite considerable effort. Angela immediately zoned in on multiple stresses in my life (diagnosed the time of divorce and countless other details to my past that she could have known nothing about). The main push of our time was to remove my "Heart Wall". Now this may not sound exciting, but I had met several possible lady candidates over the last six years, but as friendly, smart, open, and sexy (smile) as they no doubt found me, the fact was that I was not really open and it eventually came to the fore. I constantly found a lightness about myself that had been absent for so long, that I barely remembered what it felt like to be unencumbered, but the payoff was that a few weeks after my heart wall fell to dust, I met a young lady for whom I am currently shopping for an engagement ring. In short, I highly, highly, highly recommend that you start off buying an EMOTION CODE package for yourself and investigate this wonderful woman's work for yourself! And you will see what it might mean to have an open spirit to show to the world that you can close those emotional wounds that have festered for years, and to feel light and young and free again!


Lab Results under Control !!!

Working with Angela with EMOTION CODE has literally changed my life. I have been working for years with excellent holistic practitioners to resolve my health issues. One of those practitioners felt that, after much extensive work, there was something more going on within me, causing my body not to heal as it should. She suggested that I work with Angela to see how the EMOTION CODE could accelerate my healing. Within weeks, I no longer needed to take anything to alleviate my anxiety. It was so amazing to be able to handle usual stressors with calm and focus! The best news of all, was that my lab results and scans showed the inflammation that had been plaguing my body for decades, is finally under control!
It is no surprise how our emotions can affect our outlook on life and how we handle stress, but to see just how much they have an impact on our health and well-being is astonishing! Thank you Angela!

Sleeping well every night!

Angela is my “Go To” gal when it comes to AROMATHERAPY and ESSENTIAL OIL BLENDS. She is so knowledgeable and has been so helpful to me, my family and my entire clientele. As a clinical nutritionist, I am fully aware of the benefits of ESSENTIAL OILS, but enjoy the fact that I don’t have to be an expert on them. Angela is always ready to help me or anyone I refer to her. I LOVE her "SUNSHINE BLEND" and the "SLEEPY LOTION" lotion formulated especially for me. I so value and appreciate her expertise and great customer service!!

Donna – Certified Clinical Nutritionist

Customized Essential Oil Blend for Anxiety

During the time my father was in the hospital I had increased anxiety and difficulty sleeping at night. Not wanting to turn to pills for relief, I was grateful for the recommendation to try the "INNER PEACE" ESSENTIAL OIL BLEND! Being able to use natural AROMATHERAPY remedies with your amazing insight was truly a blessing! Thank you so much!