Affirmation Cards


Set of 6 Emotional Roll-on blends, 10ml each bottle. Carrier oils are either organic Jojoba or organic Coconut Oil.

CLARITY Blend – Is your mind cluttered, racing, and on overdrive? Then this carefully blended oil is a great choice. It supports the brain and aids with concentration, focus, and clarity.

SUNSHINE Blend – Everyone needs a daily dose of “Happy” in their lives! This citrus blend is inspiring and refreshing. Just let go of fear, guilt, and feeling worthless and let happiness surround your heart!

INNER PEACE Blend – Individuals who have experienced Shock, Trauma, and excessive emotional ups and downs can benefit from this blend. It is calming & soothing to the heart and relaxing to the Nervous System. Also great for adrenal support.

MEDITATE Blend – The spiritual roll-on Aromatherapy blend consists of oils used in biblical times and is still highly valued. It encourages emotional healing on all levels, calms the mind and quiets the heart, promotes tranquility, and deepens spiritual meditation and prayer.

SOOTHE & RELAX Blend – This blend is specifically for individuals that experience anxiousness, exhaustion, and overwhelm from increased stress.

COURAGE BLEND – Feeling defeated, having a victim mentality, and feeling co-dependent? This specially blended oil gives you the courage to say  “no,” set boundaries, and encourages self-expression. Fear no more.

Set – regular price $175 on sale $ 150



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