Energy Releasing Modalities

Emotion Code/Body Code


  • The Emotion/Body Code is an easy, yet effective technique where we can identify and release trapped and toxic Emotions from our Subconscious Mind. These deep seated Emotions can be created from Traumatic Events, Detrimental Experiences/Memories during our Childhood or Adult Life, which can date back to many Generations to our mother's or father's side of the family!

Our Pets


  • Have you ever thought about that your PETS could have trapped emotions? Well, they can, and more often than we think. Trapped Emotions can occur when pets are in shelters for a long time, and/or mistreated by their owners, taking trips in the car, visits to the Vet, or even being bullied by another pet in the home just to name a few examples!
  • Emotion-Code for PETS is an excellent OPTION !!!

Healing Touch


  • Healing Touch is a very gentle Energy Healing Technique that allows the Body to get back in Alignment due to being depleted because of  Stress, Anxiety, Grief, Traumatic Events, Illness, Pain or Surgery. 

  • We offer: Mind Clearing, Chakra Alignments, Opening Spinal Flow, Chakra Spread, Pain Drain and more.

What is the Emotion/Body Code by Dr. Bradley Nelson

The Emotion Code and Body Code is a gentle Energy Healing Technique that helps to identify and release deep seated Emotions, related to past Trauma's and negative Events! Watch this short clip to understand what the Emotion Code - Body Code is all about with the Founder Dr. Bradley Nelson!